Annual Celebration December 2016


The club meeting was a celebration of our knitting, and members gathered with their entries to our annual exhibition.  The winner is chosen by secret ballot of those present, and this year it was Margaret who won! With a lovely panelled cardigan, joined with a mock cable effect.


Next in line, and our runner up was Kath, with a Sue Booth design. She was presented with a felting kit, kindly donated by our great friend, Jill Brownjohn.


Then we had another Sue Booth design, this time knitted by Brenda.

Mary showed us a piece of wire knitting, made into a fascinator.

Pat had a cardigan, which she knitted on a mid-gauge machine, and for which she twisted 5 strands of 2/30s together.

Ali had made a cardigan for her daughter, a colourful interpretation of an Alison Dupernex pattern

Lynda had the Hybrid cardigan, for which a pattern is available in the newsletter, or from the pattern section of this site.

Lynda also had a cut and sew jacket, made as a project for the Guild of Machine Knitters journal. Knitted in lambswool and boucle combined, as a straight piece of fabric, and cut from a dressmaking pattern, and sewn with an overlocker and by hand.


We also had food, drink and yarn sales.


November 2017


This meeting was a chance for members to see what kind of accessories are available for use with our knitting machines, and to have a go. We also had various types of embellishment gadgets around.  Kathy was particularly industrious, with two garter carriages in action, one on an electronic machine, the other on a manual.

There was some interest in the card punching machines we had on show: these can be bought new from Hong Kong Knitting Machine but the current price is quite high for UK residents, because of the exchange rate, I fear.


Also shown today was a machine knitted poppy, the pattern for which is available here:


The newsletter is available here

Sue Booth

Sue demonstrated how to set in sleeves on the machine.

She showed us how to attach a sleeve to a garment, having knit the sleeve head using holding position, as well as how to knit the sleeve downwards from the armhole.


Both methods produced an exceptionally neat finish, and we all left with inspiration to practise this technique!



This meeting was arranged to demonstrate some different kinds of machine knitted accessories, in time for knitting a few gifts for Christmas, perhaps!

Various items knitted from patterns on this website were on display and being demonstrated, as well as Erica Thomson’s method of wire knitting.


A few items of jewellery were demonstrated, as well as a shawl and hat.


The latest pattern is a necklace:

the pattern can be found in the latest newsletter


We also showed how to put beads on to knitwear, and good sources of beads suitable for knitting are here: World of Wool or here: Debbie Abrahams

And here is a link to the fingerless glove pattern, which Pat demonstrated.

Stitched Up

This was another meeting where we had three machines on demonstration: Knitmaster and Brother punchcard machines, and a Brother electronic.

We demonstrated using as many techniques as possible on one punch card: fair isle, tuck, slip and Knitweave, for example.


I found that going back to basics like this meant that members learned a few tricks that they had missed in the initial eagerness to get going with making garments. Many members left with the resolve to try something new.

This month's newsletter has more on the techniques and punch cards used, as well as links to sites for punch cards and books. Download here