Body Warmer for premature/low birth weight baby

- Specially for babies with lines in their arms - For use on neonatal units

Finished garment weighs approx 15grm

(1/2oz) - Using 4ply yarn

Cast on 84 sts, Knit 4 circular rows, Row counter 000. Work 11 rows in 1x1 rib

Transfer stitches to main bed - Stocking stitch Tension 7

Knit to RC 35 - inserting a small Fair Isle, slip stitch or fine lace pattern of choice.

Row 35 - Working on 17 sts at right - put rest into HP.

Decrease 1stitch at front edge on next and alternate rows x 4.

Knit to RC 63. Take shoulder stitches off on waste yarn.

Reset RC to 35 and repeat on 17sts at left, reversing decreases at front edge.


Re-set RC to 35 and on remaining 50 sts cast off 4 sts at beginning of next two rows

Knit to R.C. 63.

Take off, on Waste Yarn, 17sts at each side for shoulder

Cast off remaining 16sts stitches for back neck

Join shoulder seams

Button band

7 sts 1x1 rib K.3 rows (make buttonhole - K.12 rows) x3

Knit approx. 125 rows

Attach band and buttons.