Mock Rib Neckband

Decide the shape of neckline, using a template, mark around it. With an overlocker, on a narrow width setting and matching thread cut away the surplus.

OR use a Sewing machine

Use a jersey needle. Choose a stretch stitch and matching thread. Stitch then cut away surplus with scissors the correct side of the stitching.

Place neck edge to knitting machine to see number of needles needed on main bed.

Cast on with waste yarn knit a few rows ending with carriage on LHS.

Knit 1 row with nylon cord. Change to main yarn knit 1 row on tension 8. Change to tension 6, knit 3 rows.

Transfer alternate sts to adjacent needles. At tension 2 knit 24 rows. (it may help picking up the stitches in the next step, to knit a contrast sewing thread in the first row

of mock rib)

Pick up the stitches from first row knitted in rib. This seals the band. At tension 6 knit 4 rows.

Attaching band to garment

Place garment right side up, with either plastic or material between the garment and bed of machine to save garment picking up any oil from the machine. Push neck edge

down on to sinker pins.

Push the needles through fabric just enough to see the hook of the needle.

Pick up the loops of the very first row knitted and place on needles. Close the latches enclosing the stitch in the needle head. From underneath the garment pull the needles

back through fabric to working position.

Putting tension on the needles, lift knitting off gate pegs. Cast off behind sinker pins.

NB If the cast off edge is needed on the right side of garment for decorative edge place garment wrong side up.