May 2016


We demonstrated lace knitting on both Knitmaster and Brother machines.

Knitmaster machines are able to do transfer lace via a lace carriage which knits and transfers in the same pass, as well as fashion lace, which requires a bit more thought.  Pat did show this, but we all felt it was quite complex.  She also showed the machine’s capability in doing thread lace, which is also called punch lace.

The Brother punchcard machines, with the exception of the 894 model, cannot do thread lace, but later electronics can.  Lynda had a go at knitting Fair Isle with a thread as the second colour, and Card 1, which was moderately successful.  Using the lace carriage all Brother machines are able to do fashion lace, and, apart from having to operate two carriages, it is relatively simple.


We demonstrated a bit of hand manipulated lace work, then proceeded to a yarn and book sale, which proved popular!

This month's newsletter can be downloaded here and it includes a pattern for this top

as well as three alternative patterns for last month's cowl [by special request!]