Celebration Day!

Apart from some festive refreshments, and a totally tempting display of yarn for sale from Wendy Piper, we were into the serious business of displaying members’ knitting, and choosing the winner of the Long Buckby trophy, chosen by members.

Lynn had knitted a jumper and skirt combination, with a separate cowl neck. 3 ends of crepe, the skirt was knitted in lace on the wrong side, bottom to top. The top was an unknown yarn, possibly viscose, and it was all fashioned via the Knitleader.

Doris knitted a Sue Booth twinset in four ply crepe.

Pat had a yellow top started with a hem of commercial braid hung on the machine.

Doria had a black and white cape, sideways knitted and attached a bought collar, a toggle fastening and a separate fringe.

Sue knitted the Iris Bishop Evolution jacket, 2 ends tucked 2/30s with 1 end of James Brett Marble for weaving. The sleeves had a reverse mixture of yarn.

Fran knitted a bomber jacket, lined, in a dogtooth pattern.

Mary had made a red bolero with a ribbon trim, from the pattern on this website.

Brenda had made two: a four ply wool jacket in blue with a tuck pattern; and a cream lace jumper










Jackie made a grey jumper in chunky wool on the Zippy 90 with sideways dolman sleeves [reduced a little] and a centre panel with tuck stitch, and transfer lace on the sleeves.

Lots of skill and fun to be had today, and the winner was….