Our first event in August was a dyeing workshop in Lynda’s garden.

Although we were a select group of three, we managed to dye a large quantity of yarn, both vegetable fibre [cotton] and animal fibre [wool and cashmere].

This is some of Kathy's dyeing:

And then we had our monthly meeting, the topic being hand manipulated work.

Kathy gave an accomplished demonstration with the garter bar, showing us how to do garter stitch on the machine, as well as darts, eyelets and cables.  She made it look easy, and some of our braver members had a go in front of the club. Watch this space for updates from Kathy [swatches and instructions]. This is a link to how to use a garter bar.

Crescent shawls and Fan Lace scarf


Lynda then showed how to join the two halves of the Crescent shawl [pattern link ] and also how to knit a Scallop trim. A similar trim is also available here: Sawtooth Lace. We were going to watch a You Tube video of Fan Lace, but ran out of time, so here is the link to watch it now.

Finally, we have a new pattern this month, which has a hand manipulated v neck, and is a multi-sized jumper knit in Yeoman Panama. The name is Ali