Fair Isle and Single Motifs

This was another busy meeting.

We showed how to set up for Fair Isle knitting on Knitmaster and Brother machines, and knitted some samples.  Likewise for Single Motif knitting, and this included binding the edges, as well as dealing with floats:

References used [some not available at the meeting because of poor internet connection!]

Sewing [You Tube video]

Hooking Up and other manual techniques [scroll down page for reference]

Using a ribber to 'hook up as you go'


Designing the patterns was demonstrated using squared paper [not quite square as stitches are wider than rows are long!], and also using Designaknit.  Finally, we mentioned a new website, Chart Minder, which allows Ravelry users to design knitting charts.  It appeared that many of our members had yet to try Ravelry, so we will be encouraging them in the near future!


This month’s pattern is an edge to edge cardigan, with scooped neck and Fair Isle border, knitted in Yeoman Panama.