Monday August 13th

Twisting and Spinning

This meeting was a practical session!  Various members brought equipment for use in twisting fibres to make cords and fibre blends, winding skeins and balls, and making braids.

We had a variety of swifts for using skeins

From left: Aero skein winder; umbrella swift; sunflower swift [click for maker]


Different equipment for twisting [plying] yarns

Daruma twister

Twisting yarn stack

Electric spinning wheel

And equipment for winding yarn


Royal jumbo cone winder; with Ashford fringe twister in foreground



And a cord twister

Available from:

which Pat demonstrated

Members took an active part!

Fran also demonstrated a Lucet, but sadly I didn't get a picture!

Also mentioned in despatches was our beginners' workshop which took place in July:  although take up was limited, it was well received by those who managed to attend