January 9th 2012

The start of a new year and our New Year resolution is to have a knitting machine up and running in most meetings.

We began this by starting at the beginning with casting on and hems.

But first we needed to set up the equipment - a bigger task than usual because of the machines and other stuff

Members waiting for the show to begin!  On the table at the left you can see that Doris has been busy - Machine Knitting Monthly came out on Saturday, and by Monday Doris had knitted several of the Bill King berets in that issue!

After tea and notices, we then had various members demonstrating how to cast on in different ways, as well as a little help from You Tube!

Here Pat is demonstrating e-wrap on the Knitmaster.  We also had Kath demonstrating a weaving cast on and plain hem, Fran on a picot hem, and Lynda doing a frilled edge cast on.

Then we looked at tension swatches:

Here is Fran showing some of hers.  We also looked at how different stitches produce vastly different measurements - in the foreground are swatches I have knitted with 4 ply wool at T7 - the same number of stitches and rows.  The front two are stocking stitch and fairisle, whilst the other is tuck stitch - a completely different size.

In the show and tell session later, I showed my scarf yarn pattern, which needs to be knitted by hand after the yarn is knitted on the machine:

Click here for the pattern.


















And I also modelled my latest cardigan, which I made from a pattern obtainable online [cost$7 or about £4.60] - I do not have a picture of me, but one from the pattern itself!

The pattern can be obtained from http://machineknittingtodyefor.com/ and there is also a handknit option.  Please note, I knitted this in 2 ply lambswool at standard gauge T3 throughout [including ribbing] and got good results, although the pattern is for a different US yarn.  I also knitted the bottom rib first, and started the back and fronts from the rib [hooking the relevant part on the needles to begin].