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The meeting began with a report back from our new committee, introduced by chairman Pat Banyard-Smith, including a summary of our [healthy] financial state from our Treasurer, Brenda Adams; a report from Marianne Mead about charity knitting, which included an impressive display of items she had knitted as prototypes; a request from our Secretary, Fran Marchant, to complete membership forms to update our records; and an invitation to make suggestions for a logo for our forthcoming website from Lynda Fiendley.

The main business of the meeting began with a demonstration of Cut and Sew Necklines, presented by LBMK member June Francis. She showed us a useful technique which produces a neat finish to a cut neckline. She began by describing how to cut and sew the neckline, using a sewing machine.

Then she explained that it would be easier to learn the technique using a small ‘sample’ neckline.


Next she began picking up stitches and knitting them to produce a folded-over edging which covered the cut edge completely.

When she had finished, members gathered for tea, and discussed the technique among themselves.