The start of another year. We have met regularly throughout 2022, and have had good meetings with lots of interaction between members, existing and new. We have also had generous donations of yarn, which helps to sustain our knitting and bank balance.


Mary posted this on Facebook about the January meeting


Our first meeting of 2023 was all about colour.
As a club we are fortunate to have members who are talented, creative, skillful and bring with them wide and varied life experiences too.
Today Sue, one of our members who had a career as a Colour Consultant, gave us a most interesting insight into colour theory and how it's principles can be helpful when designing and making items.
The choice of colour and how colours are put together can completely change the look and impact of a garment and it is a vital component of the design process.
We chatted about the colours we are unconsciously drawn to and chuckled at some of the fashion colour mistakes that we've made in the past!
It was a most stimulating meeting and a great one to start the year! :)