March 2015

Beryl Jarvis

Ribber work



Beryl gave us an informative demonstration of ribber techniques, and left most of us wanting to get to grips with the ribber immediately.  Even the more experienced knitters were surprised to learn about some of the ‘bits’ that come with the ribber.


February 9th 2015

Combining Yarns part 2

This meeting started as usual with members arriving, paying their entrance fee, getting a cup of tea or coffee, reading the newsletter, and, this time, renewing their membership of the Guild of Machine Knitters.

Then, after a few notices, we were off with a visual reminder of how the different stitches are formed on the machine.

Then Kathy gave us an accomplished demonstration of multi-coloured tuck and slip stitch on her Brother machine.

The pattern this month uses the slip stitch technique for a cardigan:

Pat followed with another capable demonstration fair isle and then punch lace on the Knitmaster.

and Ali showed us her poncho, using a locked card to produce this great design.


And, finally, we had a slide show of knitting using multicolour techniques.

January 12th 2015

Combining Yarns

This meeting focused on methods of using combinations of knitting yarn.  First we looked at ways of plying yarns, from using spinning equipment, then using yarn twisters and stacking cones using a Twisting Yarn stack. We looked at various video clips, from these sources:

Plying on a spinning wheel

Using a yarn twister - first clip - second clip

Twisting cords - using a food mixer!

Using a fringe twister

Then we saw the practical effects of using some of these methods, when Pat showed us swatches using the various techniques.

And finally, Kathy showed us how to shadow pleat, and also did a bit of plating on the machine.


This month’s pattern was knitted on the club’s LK150, but could also be made on a chunky machine.


December 2014


As another year draws to a close, we held our annual exhibition of members’ work, with sales provided by Wendy Piper, and a demonstration of knitweave, which members were also able to practise.

The knitweave was demonstrated on the Brother and the Knitmaster machines:

Brenda and Jill demonstrating [to each other]

Brother sample

Knitmaster sample


Then we had the results of the competition. Members voted for their favourite item in a secret ballot.

The winner keeps the Long Buckby Trophy for 2015, and it was Brenda!

Brenda's entry was a cardigan and scarf combination.


Lynn was a close runner up with a jumper, which had a decorative border:

Other people described their entries, and all agreed it was hard to choose between them.


So in the end, everyone wished each other Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, as do we to all our members and friends.

November 10th 2014

Using Leftover Yarn

This was a real mixture of techniques and patterns.

We started with suggestions for patterns from our website:  there are quite a few which only take small amounts of yarn.

Some of the items laid out before the meeting.

Pat showed us a Christmas stocking she had made from a pattern found via Ravelry:

which had then inspired us to make a miniature for the Christmas tree [pattern here]:

We then moved on to demonstrations of some of the suggestions: making flowers, making a cast on rag, and using weaving as a way of incorporating small amounts of yarn into bigger projects.

Then we discussed stripes, using a variety of methods to generate patterns.

Link to random stripe generator

Link to Ravelry page with excellent illustration of stripe knitting



Our pattern this month incorporates stripes into leggings: LEGS

Some of us are also knitting baby blankets for the Norfolk and Norwich Neonatal Unit, and we have patterns for standard gauge and Passap blankets.

Last, but not least, members showed items they have knitted.

Lynn used overlocked rectangles of knitting to combine into an extremely interesting jacket, modelled here by Margaret.


Doris showed how prolific she is as a knitter by producing many items to show,and here she is showing one of the patterns she has used.