March 2011

This month has been a busy one for the committee:  first, we went to Lichfield to the Three Spires club with our Button workshop [March 2nd], then our regular club meeting fell on the 14th, with a presentation of aspects of pattern making by myself.  In between, five of our number were busy with our entry to the Guild of Machine Knitters' Sherborne Vase competition - titled 'A Day in the Country'.

Buttons at the Three Spires

Off we went to Lichfield, and had a great time with the enthusiastic members of the Three Spires club.  Here are some pictures

Although I am behind the camera here, I was leading this one!


March Club meeting

No pictures, as I was doing the presenting.

We looked at various types of knitting pattern, then at computer software used for knitting patterns - specifically:

Wild Things - free software, not really for knitting, but can be used to create shape patterns for accessories etc.

Knitware - good basic software at a low price

Designaknit - much more expensive but more versatile



Making Buttons

Monday 14th February 2011 - Our 9th anniversary!

We started with a presentation of our buttons display via PowerPoint - the actual samples were laid out on a table.

Then we split into three practical workshops:

Dorset Buttons - unfortunately no pictures due to a technical error!

Yorkshire Buttons

and Fimo buttons


Pat asked everyone to bring their finished buttons to the next meeting [hopefully adorning some knitting].

January 29th 2011

As a follow up to the Knit and Natter day in October, a group met at Crick Village Hall to practise some of Bill's techniques.

Apart from a few snags with the tables, the day went well, with us all having a go at two variations with tuck stitch, and a bit of short rowing using holding position to produce geometric shapes.

Hopefully, we will all produce scarves using what we learned, and these should be displayed on the Guild of Machine Knitters' stand at the NEC [March 24th to 27th] and at the Nottingham Show [April 3rd]

Here are a few pictures [kindly donated by Jane Harrisson]



New Year 2011

The meeting was again depleted by weather and illness, but we managed to muster a reasonable turnout.

Our focus was the Guild competition, which requires a minimum of 5 people working together to produce an exhibit to the theme of A Day in the Country.

We had lots of good ideas, and have a small working party to pursue them.

Previous entries have been

2008 Winner!

and 2009 runner up


Other items for discussion included contributions to charities, future events and the launch of a new marketplace page on this website [soon to be arranged]

Christmas 2010

Attendance was reduced by illness, but we still managed to have some fun and games.

We hoped to have a competition to produce decorations from knitting, and we managed to produce these

but the competition element will have to wait for next year [and more entries].

Pat and Lynda enjoyed a visit to Toft Alpacas for a Christmas workshop on felting hand-knitted alpaca, where some of the baubles were made.  Brenda used her machine to make the crowning figures.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all members and friends!