This meeting was one of the few, where we didn’t have a knitting machine in play!

Instead we had a presentation and discussion around the theme, working on projects from inspiration to completion.

Lynda showed how she conceived and made two garments from scratch, one on the machine and the other hand knit: all described in the newsletter. The latter may be reproduced as a machine knit version when time allows!

knitweave tunic    hk cardi


Pat showed her two designs for a baby comforter/rabbit, which will be a pattern on this website before long!

January 2018


Our first meeting of 2018 was a packed one: we had the annual competition/exhibition, with lots of entries, and a discussion about the club’s future in the light of the possible demise of the Guild. We also discussed problems with access to patterns, but the consensus was that it was more of a design issue: we are often stuck for ideas about what we want to knit, rather than not being able to find patterns. But the discussion was lively and interesting.

We had two winners of the competition, both worthy, so two awards were presented!


Long time member, Fran, who has sadly decided to retire from machine knitting [we will still see her, though, thankfully], kindly donated all her equipment and resources to us. Members were able to snap up bargains. For those who missed it, there is still plenty left for February!

A new pattern, Alexa, is available in the newsletter, and elsewhere on this site, or click the picture:


Newsletter available here. 

December's meeting and annual celebration fell victim to a sudden snowfall and icy conditions.

We did not meet, but have postponed the celebration to January. However, you can find the newsletter here, which includes puzzles and a pattern.


We had the usual suspects on display and working. Lots of chatter and 'trying out'.  Download Newsletter here.


Plating with Sue Booth


Sue gave us a great demonstration of plating on the single bed, and also with the ribber. She showed us various techniques, including: double sided stocking stitch; plated tuck; using the plating feeder as a way of changing colour and thickness, as in shadow pleating; and making various surface patterns with the ribber. It was very comprehensive, and thoroughly enjoyable.


This month's newsletter can be found here