We had the usual suspects on display and working. Lots of chatter and 'trying out'.  Download Newsletter here.


Plating with Sue Booth


Sue gave us a great demonstration of plating on the single bed, and also with the ribber. She showed us various techniques, including: double sided stocking stitch; plated tuck; using the plating feeder as a way of changing colour and thickness, as in shadow pleating; and making various surface patterns with the ribber. It was very comprehensive, and thoroughly enjoyable.


This month's newsletter can be found here




This meeting was primarily an exhibition of hand made buttons, made by members.

We started, however, by discussing next year’s calendar, then bespoke patterns offered by Lynda, before moving on to some video material of button making.

More information about button making is available here on the website.

Members were also treated to some of Lynn’s creative jewellery and buttons made from wire and other materials, some machine knitted.

And some of her fantastic Fimo buttons:


And finally members moved around the exhibition, bought yarn, and had many discussions!


This month’s newsletter is available here, and the pattern from it is available here.

August 2017

Buttonholes and closures

This was a meeting focusing on how to make buttonholes and how to avoid them!

We looked at simple and not so simple methods on the knitting machine, as well as making ties and bands with icords, and making a shawlpin with wire on the machine.

Instructions for the shawlpin are in the newsletter, as is the pattern for this [woven] tabard, which could just as easily be made from knitweave or other knitted fabric, the pattern being a sewing pattern which can also be used in charting devices.



The meeting finished with a lively discussion about the future of machine knitting, and what members would like from our programme next year.

A multitude of machines

We had a fairly comprehensive range of machines, from fine, standard, mid to chunky gauge, and from different brands. 

Members strolled around, looking at them, trying them out, and chatting.

Unfortunately, I was too busy to take pictures, but then, that is a good sign!

Newsletter is here, with a list of machines which were on show.