Knitting with Wire

This month we were fortunate to have a presentation by Erica Thomson, on knitting with wire. Erica described how she became interested in the medium of wire, and her many adventures with it. Even for those who are not intending to knit with wire, the process of experimentation was fascinating, but there were many attending who did intend to go home and knit some jewellery.


It was a truly inspiring afternoon.

May 2017

Cut and Sew

Hazel Green was scheduled to be at this meeting, but, due to personal reasons, was unable to come, so Pat and Lynda were the main demonstrators.

Pat demonstrated finishing a neckline with the Hague linker, and also showed her adventures with some yarn she had bought. This had biased, but she had various solutions. She had some of the yarn on sale.

I [Lynda] demonstrated the mock rib neckline featured in our Hints and Tips. This was my second attempt, and it was not as difficult as I thought it would be [June showed us the original six+ years ago – how time flies!]. I showed my cut and sew bolero, which I made from one of the patterns in our new Charted Patterns section.


More details in the newsletter, available here.


This meeting covered knitting with different shapes, and Pat showed us how to knit a hem with triangles, as well as an interesting scarf with different coloured strips joined together.

Then Lynda knitted a hexagon, with joining to others, as part of the hexagon afghan.


And we discussed using shapes as patchwork pieces, perhaps joined with icords. More information can be found in the newsletter here.

Knitting to Fit

I missed this meeting myself, as I was away with the family, but I have heard it was well attended and went well.

The focus was on correct measurement, which Pat demonstrated, along with knitting darts to accommodate rounder parts of the body! Kathy also demonstrated, as well as managing the equipment.


So, lots of holding position shaping! See the latest newsletter for lots of links to further information and our latest ‘basic’ pattern for saddle shoulder jumpers.

February 2017

February 2017

This meeting focused on different ways to cast off, finish edges and seams.

Pat demonstrated on the Knitmaster and the Hague linker, and showed us how to cast off round the gate pegs, with a linker on the machine and with the Hague linker. She also recapped on the edging she used for her Crescent shawl, shown in the September 2015 newsletter.

Lynda used the Brother to show how to cast off with the latch tool, how to start and finish with a frill and how make an automatic fringe, which was featured on this month’s project [details in newsletter here].


Grafting, using a Hairpin Lace join and other ways of seaming were also covered.