May 2015: Hems and Edgings

I was absent [on holiday] for the first time for many years, so Mary Stephens' account on Facebook is transposed here:


This afternoon's meeting of our group was all about edging and hems. Club members Pat and Cathy showed us lots of different techniques to create different edgings and even I felt I could do some of them (i.e not too difficult)!

Club member, technical expert [??? not my opinion!] and all-round creative Lynda missed today's session, but she still managed to contribute by sending us some helpful videos to watch, one of which I've attached below.

I'm still feeling inspired by our last meeting with Bill King and have been using my knitting time to experiment with using hold position. I've managed to create some "interesting" shapes that will be of no use whatsoever - but they were fun to make and now I'm looking forward to adding hems and edgings to them! wink emoticon


April 2015

Bill King

A Case for Knitting

Bill brought not one, but several, cases full of his swatches to share with us.

As these are the ones which have been rejected by his buyers, we were left wondering what the others are like, since every one of us was full of admiration for the design techniques and overall effects.

He demonstrated some simple but amazing effects on the machine, and passed the swatches around in huge numbers for us to feel, admire and examine.


The follow-up workshop the next day was just as inspirational, and resulted in quite a few tired but happy faces.

March 2015

Beryl Jarvis

Ribber work



Beryl gave us an informative demonstration of ribber techniques, and left most of us wanting to get to grips with the ribber immediately.  Even the more experienced knitters were surprised to learn about some of the ‘bits’ that come with the ribber.


February 9th 2015

Combining Yarns part 2

This meeting started as usual with members arriving, paying their entrance fee, getting a cup of tea or coffee, reading the newsletter, and, this time, renewing their membership of the Guild of Machine Knitters.

Then, after a few notices, we were off with a visual reminder of how the different stitches are formed on the machine.

Then Kathy gave us an accomplished demonstration of multi-coloured tuck and slip stitch on her Brother machine.

The pattern this month uses the slip stitch technique for a cardigan:

Pat followed with another capable demonstration fair isle and then punch lace on the Knitmaster.

and Ali showed us her poncho, using a locked card to produce this great design.


And, finally, we had a slide show of knitting using multicolour techniques.

January 12th 2015

Combining Yarns

This meeting focused on methods of using combinations of knitting yarn.  First we looked at ways of plying yarns, from using spinning equipment, then using yarn twisters and stacking cones using a Twisting Yarn stack. We looked at various video clips, from these sources:

Plying on a spinning wheel

Using a yarn twister - first clip - second clip

Twisting cords - using a food mixer!

Using a fringe twister

Then we saw the practical effects of using some of these methods, when Pat showed us swatches using the various techniques.

And finally, Kathy showed us how to shadow pleat, and also did a bit of plating on the machine.


This month’s pattern was knitted on the club’s LK150, but could also be made on a chunky machine.