October Knit Natter and Share

This was a very informal meeting, with lots of chatter.  Lynn showed us how to make Fimo buttons, and Wendy Piper brought her shop, both much appreciated.  There was also an opportunity to share projects, and to print personalised patterns

September 2014

Cut and Sew

This was a meeting when several members shared the stage!

First, we had Hazel showing us what cut and sew [or rather sew and cut] is.  She led us through the sewing and cutting part, with advice on how and how not to do it.

Then June took over with a practical demonstration on the knitting machine of a neat cut and sew neckline finish.  She also showed us a waistcoat, which she made at a workshop from fabric knitted on the machine.

And next, Lynn showed us a jumper made entirely by cut and sew, again by using fabric knitted on the machine.

Pat showed us her Hague Linker, and invited people to have a go.  And Lynda talked about steeking.

This month’s patterns:

A Machine knit shawl:

And a hand knit version:


Our first event in August was a dyeing workshop in Lynda’s garden.

Although we were a select group of three, we managed to dye a large quantity of yarn, both vegetable fibre [cotton] and animal fibre [wool and cashmere].

This is some of Kathy's dyeing:

And then we had our monthly meeting, the topic being hand manipulated work.

Kathy gave an accomplished demonstration with the garter bar, showing us how to do garter stitch on the machine, as well as darts, eyelets and cables.  She made it look easy, and some of our braver members had a go in front of the club. Watch this space for updates from Kathy [swatches and instructions]. This is a link to how to use a garter bar.

Crescent shawls and Fan Lace scarf


Lynda then showed how to join the two halves of the Crescent shawl [pattern link ] and also how to knit a Scallop trim. A similar trim is also available here: Sawtooth Lace. We were going to watch a You Tube video of Fan Lace, but ran out of time, so here is the link to watch it now.

Finally, we have a new pattern this month, which has a hand manipulated v neck, and is a multi-sized jumper knit in Yeoman Panama. The name is Ali

July 14th 2014

Beryl Jarvis on Lace

Although the holiday season is upon us and the attendance was low, Beryl certainly did not disappoint.

Her definition of lace being any fabric which has intentional holes in it, she set upon showing us:

Holding position lace

Tuck lace

Transfer lace

And combinations of different techniques


As ever, she provided inspiration to get us all wanting to practise these techniques at home.

June 9th 2014

Shape in Machine Knitting

This meeting was a chance to look at different shapes in fashion knitwear, and suggestions about how to knit them.

Our patterns this month are an attempt to make current shapes:

Swoop: a cardigan knitted with an extended shawl collar and a bottom border which meet at the edge to swoop downwards

Flare: a tunic knitted with square inserts in the seams to create a flare at the bottom edge


Both were knitted in Yeoman Panama, but 4 ply yarn of other types could be substituted.