September 9th 2013

Felting and Embellishing

This month’s meeting involved a demonstration by Hazel Green, who featured on the cover of the latest Guild of Machine Knitters’ newsletter.  She brought us a huge collection of felted knitting, and showed us how she made various bags and other accessories, including embellishments.


Although the picture is not good, the bag is, and the pattern can be had by clicking on the picture!

After she had explained how to make many of the items, she took to her machines, and showed us how to attach items with an embellisher [or even by hand with a felting needle], and used her sewing machine to attach leather and fabric to felt, with blanket stitch and zigzag stitch.

Left:  embellisher Right: sewing machine



It was an extremely inspiring demonstration, with many club members asking questions and intending to use Hazel’s expertise as a starting point for their own projects.

August 12th 2013

Knitting in Different Directions

This was a very busy meeting, with Doris knitting the Bill King beret, Pat knitting her corkscrew scarf [click here for pattern], and Lynda showing circular cushions using the pattern on this website [scroll down for pattern], and a pin cushion made using the pattern for this month

[click on picture to download]

Pat also showed her baby blanket made according to the Diana Sullivan video, which you can access here.

Wendy Piper was a welcome guest, bringing with her a large amount of yarn for sale, and taking away quite a bit less!


Our winning entry for the Sherborne Vase was on show, as was the Vase itself.

July 8th 2013

Beryl Jarvis was our visiting demonstrator today and the subject was Knitweave.

She showed us how to set up for weaving, then used weaving with Card 1 in various ways.  As ever, she was adept at describing how the machine works, and we were able to see her work at weaving with the lace carriage and the garter bar, as well as using weaving to create intarsia patterns.


All in all, an inspiring and informative session!


At the Guild of Machine Knitters AGM last month, a group of members won the Sherborne Vase for our entry in the Group Challenge. Here is a picture of it!

June 10th 2013


I-cord and circular knitting


We demonstrated how to make an i-cord, using hand knitting [double pointed needles], French knitting [as in 4 nails in the top of a cotton reel as with this supplier click this link for more details, or a more modern version which does it automatically- click here for details, and, finally, a knitting machine!


Pat then showed us some tricks with i-cords she had learned from Susan Guigliami at a Metropolitan workshop.


Fran showed us a beautiful knitted cake, which she had embellished with circular knitting, and described how to do that.


Lynda demonstrated wire knitting, and club members had a go.  Click here to see more at Erica Thomson’s website - includes a video showing how to do it!

We also saw some examples of using i-cords to embellish knitting – either surface decoration, or by weaving in and out of eyelets.

This month’s pattern is a waist length  4 ply cardigan with a border.  I have made it “frontless” like a shrug, but have included an alternative V-neck front.  Click the picture for the pattern


Cropped Cardi

May 13th 2013



We had a very busy afternoon looking at various accessories often left in the cupboard!  Members demonstrated, amongst other things:

Ribber transfer carriage

Garter bar

Cast off linker

De knitter

Various transfer items

And lots of hints and tips.

And we finished with a show and tell – and we could see that more of our members are actively knitting now!